1 Meridien Hardwoods is a concentration yard located in northwestern PA handling approximately 15,000,000' BF of hardwoods yearly. We currently have a kiln capacity of 250,000' and 1,000,000' of dry storage. We also offer surfacing and straight line ripping facilities.

Meridien Hardwoods was started by Dan Ferman in 1983 as a wholesale lumber operation in the basement of his home.
In 1986 the company was moved to Pittsfield, PA. and included a single trimline with no kilns

  • - In 1991 Meridien added two American Wood Dryer Kilns.
  • - In 1993 a third kiln was added.
  • - In 1997 two T-Sheds were built.
  • - In 2001 two more kilns were built bringing total kiln capacity to 250,000'
  • - In 2001 a 2nd trimline was added to increase production to 40,000' per day
  • - Paving of the entire yard was finished in 2005
  • - Meridien currently has 1,000,000' of dry storage